Les absurdités de la vie

Les absurdités de la vie

Life's little absurdities make us laugh, cry, or even scream
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Nothing on the Menu

Well, my dear Fabian, that is the way life is sometimes. Let me explain… You and I now live in a part of the world dominated by meat. Life is one big butcher shop here. Everyone is constantly on the lookout. Eyes pealed, geolocation fine-tuned, it’s all about finding that …


Somebody asked me today: Do you like Heidelberg? Heidelberg is the song of wild parrots a top old castle walls. It’s thick morning fog. Round hills and through vineyards it crawls. It’s great Summer sunsets and rain drops in Spring. It’s a crossroad in life. It’s what gives our souls …

Messages from Beyond

It is intriguing to consider the possibility of a guiding force in our lives. A force that leads us to better places and stiller waters. But how should we respond to certain messages we “hear”? Listening to messages from above comes not without significant challenges. Often, we might fail to …

Life‘s Baggage

On the journey of life, our baggage is filled not just with natural abilities, or instruction through training and education.  Our individual journeys are based on more than warnings and advice.  The imprints of our experiences play a great role in shaping our perception and guiding our future steps.

Just a Dream?

This week, while listening to the daily news in French, the presenter kept repeating the phrase “fuite en avant”, which literally translates as “a headlong rush into something”. Not being totally satisfied with the translation, I dug deeper into the actual meaning of the term. What I found was multifold: …

GBT’s word of the day

Chat GBT : Je suis ravi que cela vous plaise ! Cependant, pour maintenir la fluidité et la poésie du texte, il pourrait être intéressant de choisir un mot qui reflète davantage l’idée de conclusion ou d’aboutissement. Pour compléter la phrase, nous pourrions dire : La quatrième partie de l’harmonie, …

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