Who am I?

I am thankful for those new paths crossed,
For stargazers and ocean surfers lost.
For the gentle waves of Southwest England’s shore,
Wrapped in clotted cream and Kelley’s Mint Ice Cream galore.

I am thankful for mountain hikers so bold,
For karate kickers, and their stories told.
For those who strive for a greater good,
Who take life inch by inch, as they should.
Preserving harmony, guarding anew,
Even when it means their mother’s car too.

I am thankful for those who face life’s trials,
Who find silver linings and spread their smiles.
For families that trust in their children’s sight,
For the young who follow their gut, day and night.
Even when Summer Love fades away,
Their wisdom and trust still hold sway.

I am thankful for daddies who teach with care,
Who balance their needs, staying fair.
Planning a night for themselves so grand,
Only for Junior to water down the plan.

I am thankful for seekers of truth profound,
For storytellers whose love knows no bound.
For neighbours who love as they should,
Even if obsession turns dark, and they’d kill if they could.

I am thankful for hikes in pastures of green,
For still waters and Alpine Horns serene.
For dreams of a brighter tomorrow to glean,
And for deeds that make our planet clean.

For those who inspire change each day,
Who face our world’s crises in every way.
It starts with you, and it starts with me,
For a world that’s better, brighter and truly free.

Who am I?

I am thankful for my Students !!!
(Autumn C1-Engl Intensive)

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