Somebody asked me today:

Do you like Heidelberg?

Heidelberg is the song of wild parrots a top old castle walls.
It’s thick morning fog. Round hills and through vineyards it crawls.
It’s great Summer sunsets and rain drops in Spring.
It’s a crossroad in life. It’s what gives our souls their wing.

Heidelberg is the rambling of a river with waters so swift.
It’s Old Town traditions, modern cultures and rifts.
The castles and chapels, the poets and their muse,
The youth and the learned all come together and fuse.

In Heidelberg, we strive and we stumble, we explore and we grow.
We search and meander, aspiring great wisdom everywhere we go.
By day in old stables under the Linden we eat.
By night, Down Under, convene and ponder, ideas, we drink.

In Heidelberg, rings the church bells loud, solid and serene.
Great sermons are voiced proudly and the choir boys sing.
Einstein’s Theories and Wagner’s Ring, Dante’s Inferno and Molière’s Fling,
Here the cobblestones wobble, the granite walls witness truth’s tale.
The Burschen sing love songs, in this Great Grotto, adventures prevail.

So… Do I like Heidelberg?

You tell me!

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